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HOSTLIGNE: server dedicated,web hosting etc....


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Hi community

Today I come to introduce a new company that has opened its doors in the world of hosting...

The society :
HostLigne is a French company that offers different services and prices

Our infrastructure and based on our own server in different data centers

from our partner 'DADA BRAND' have a connection of 80 GBPS including high security

HostLigne offers various services of development and creation of websites and tools

(showcase, e-commerce, institutional, intranet and tailor-made). Depending on the need different modes of project management are proposed.

Management Panel: Unique user interface, the Manager allows you to: • Manage billing • Manage applications: - Add and delete applications - Save data or configurations periodically or instantly - Centrally manage users - View monitoring logs - Manage paths - Access the application and its administration interface • Control the server remotely: - Manage server configuration - Manage used resources (monitoring / action) - Start / Stop the server


Paypal = Ok

Telephone support, ticket support

Our website :