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Simple but advanced csgo guide for beginners


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How to optimize your PC for playing CS: GO

If you do not have a super powerful computer, but really want to
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, then you should make sure that your PC is ready to withstand high loads.
There are some simple rules to optimize PC for playing CS:GO:
  • Keep your computer clean: both inside (do not download any third-party software) and externally (do not forget to periodically clean it from dust)
  • Update the drivers! One of the most simple but effective rules, which can sometimes give a boost which is equivalent to buying a newer video card
  • Close all third-party software before starting the game! Especially browsers! Having a test with an open browser and closed, you will be surprised how much Google Chrome eats memory.
Launch settings
Many players do not know what startup settings are. In short, these are special console commands that are automatically applied when you are entering the game. So there is no need to apply them each time.

Wondering how set launch settings?

  • Right-click the game icon in the Steam games library
  • Select Properties
  • Click Set Launch Settings to enter the needed commands
Here is just a small list of useful commands:

-novid - skips loading video in the begging of a game
-console - turns on the console in the game
-freq “number” - the screen refresh rate, for example 120 (-freq “120”)
-high - high priority game launch

Casual Mode

This mode will help you to get all the basics of the game. “Casual” battle may include any number of players. Maybe you’re also wondering what is the goal of the battle? But first things first. There are two teams in the game: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.
There are several ways of winning a round:
  • Bomb-planting / bomb-defusing
  • Hostages rescue
  • Kill the enemy team
Task - to kill opponents (or complete main mission of the map - hostages rescue; bomb planting/defusing). If the team has coped with the “kill every opponent” task, it earns points which are added to their bank.
Bomd planting/defusing
Terrorists win the round after successfully exploding the bomb. The bomb is given to a random player on the terrorist team each round, and it can be transferred between players.
Bomb can be planted in certain areas of the map:
  • Plant A
  • Plant B
Both of them available in any “bomb-planting” map.
The bomb explodes 35 seconds after planting. If the opponents do not have time to defuse it and it explodes - your team won the round despite the number of surviving opponents.
Winning conditions for counter-terrorists Counter-terrorists, in turn, win the round if terrorists did not plant the bomb after the time of the round has passed, or if the counter-terrorists defused it, or killed all of the opponents.
Maps with hostage release There are terrorists controlling a group of hostages, and there are counter-terrorists who must save them and bring them to their base.
  • The task of the Terrorists is not to lose a single hostage
  • The task of the Counter-Terrorists is to save at least one of them, which will guarantee a one round.
The “Casual” mode itself is played for 16 rounds, or up to 8 rounds won by one of the teams. Each round, the team buys equipment for the money earned during the previous round. Another plus of the mode is that you have default armor! Therefore, even if you lose the round, you will be protected and prepared for the next one.

Competitive Mode

“Competitive” mode is needed for you to gain experience before competing, since overall victory depends on each player. Wondering what is the mode’s main feature? In fact, the whole basis of this mode is similar to Casual. But there are games with 5-vs-5 setup.
The game consists of two parts:
  • In the first part, you play for one side, thinking through tactics for each round
  • In the second part there is a change of sides, and you find yourself “on the other side of the barricades.”
15 rounds each (or up to a winning score of 16 points). The competitive mode can be considered more hardcore because in this mode you do not have automatically purchased armor (as usual)!
Difference in start money for CS:GO modes:
  • Competitive mode - $800
  • Casual mode - $1000