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Homepage Website with Multi Languages + Referrals (HTML + CSS + JS + PHP) + Security


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Nice relessing good job haved you maked


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The website has a Multi-Language system already translated into Spanish, English, Portuguese and Romanian.

  • System of referrals with reward programmed by cron, connects with a database and sends information that can be extrapolated.
    - The referral system connected with one of tickets to handle the information, which I will not publish since it is not public.
  • Register and Recover Password with Captcha (I did not put it by SMTP because of a problem with the hosting where it was hosted).
  • Statistics and Ranking of users per cron, so that the data is generated every x time and on load less requests to the server.
  • Delete Character, Retrieve Password, Automatic voting system, Cookies Notice, Change Password.
  • Compatible with external store (itemshop) with login by token with AFS coding
  • Full filter of GET, POST, SESSION, SERVER (real_escape_string)
A little extra help when editing things to have the web available.

Configurations for news on the main page

  • app / functions.php (line 486) The ID of the topic where the latest news is displayed
  • app / module / pages / index / index.tpl (line 13) The ID of the topic where the latest news is displayed
  • app /functions.php (line 498) Avatar image of the administrator who published the news (Change the "" by the forum url)
  • app / module / pages / index / index.tpl (line 16) Address of the news of the forum (Change the "" by the forum URL)
Configurations for connection to the server

  • app / configure.php (line 45) Data of the server of metin2
  • app / configure.php (line 47) Data of the forum compatible with woltlab
  • app / configure.php (line 51) Amount of Coins to grant
  • app / configure .php (line 53) ID of
  • app / configure.php (line 55) Email from
Configurations for the web page

  • app / configure.php (line 3) Title of the web page
  • app / configure.php (line 5) Title outside the web page
  • app / configure.php (line 9) Keywords of the server
  • app /configure.php (line 11) Description of the server
[Internal and External Pages]
  • app / configure.php (line 13) Main page of the server
  • app / configure.php (line 15) Forum page
  • app / configure.php (line 17) Support page
  • app / configure .php (line 19) Store page (itemshop)
  • app / configure.php (line 21) Rules of the game
  • app / configure.php (line 23) URL with affiliate documentation
[Social Network]
- app / configure.php (line 25) Change (PaginaFB) by the name of the server's FB page

[Statistics and Presentation]
  • app / configure.php (line 27) Number of available CH
  • app / configure.php (line 29) Link of presentation image
[Download links]
  • app / configure.php (line 31) Download link Mega
  • app / configure.php (line 33) Download link Google Drive
  • app / configure.php (line 35) Download link Mediafire
  • app /configure.php (line 37) Last update in the Download section
[Purchases or Donations]
  • app / configure.php (line 57) Mobile Resources user ID for donations / purchases
  • app / configure.php (line 59) Mobile Resources tool ID for donations / purchases
  • app / configure.php (line 39) Google Captcha key
  • app / configure.php (line 41) Default email by phpmail
  • app / configure.php (line 43) Main language of the web page
- app / module / pages / index / referidos.tpl (line 5) Change the URL for your web page

Information to take into account:

You need to run the cron_status.php file every 5m (or the time you prefer to update the statistics) by programming a cronjob in cPanel or installing crontab on your vps / dedicated server and executing a request to the .php file, the same with cron_ref. php (can be from 12h to 24h) to check if the users completed the requirements to obtain the prize for each referral.

Password to decrypt
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