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  1. Nicutzy @ Nicutzy:
    @CristianGD, acum da
  2. C @ CristianGD:
  3. Nicutzy @ Nicutzy:
  4. Evenria @ Evenria:
    @Cosmin I can not send you a private message
  5. Cosmin @ Cosmin:
    @Evenria, tag me then .
  6. Tony @ Tony:
  7. Z @ Zorke:
  8. C @ Core1911:
    "You need to like or reply to this in order to see this content."
  9. C @ Core1911:
    i already liked it but i cant see
  10. Z @ zeromentu:
    Hello, im new at forum, how can i rid of this alert? "e want to inform you that you need to be registered for download content or reply ."
  11. A @ Aeglon:
    Hi there, in some topics i need to reply but i cant doit cuz i dont have privelege. How can i solve this?
  12. Cosmin @ Cosmin:
    @Aeglon, leave a link here , to check
  13. Nicutzy @ Nicutzy:
  14. A @ Aeglon:
    @Cosmin, it´s almost every pages. I give like and i can't see download link and if i wanna reply, i cant cuz i don't have privileges :\
  15. A @ Aeglon:
    And i'm registered and i see this notice:
  16. Cosmin @ Cosmin:
  17. A @ Aeglon:
    lol! u serius?! I got banned in Oceanus, cuz i reply in topics 2 years ago -.- lols! 2 years is not enought??
  18. F @ fantasy96:
    Salut, dece nu ma lasa sa dau reply la postari?
  19. A @ Aeglon:
    @Cosmin, can u please remove the "restriction" in my account please. I learn the leason snd
  20. A @ Aeglon:
    i wanna help. I only hope not get banned for reply in topics again. Ty
  21. G @ gigel691:
    salut, de ce nu ma lasa sa comentez la postari?
  22. R o b i n @ R o b i n:
    hey guys how i can reply ?
  23. T @ TKMT2:
  24. R o b i n @ R o b i n:
    hey guys i did like to this subject but i can't see the download link :
  25. R o b i n @ R o b i n:
    Please send to me the link