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  1. saral

    [C++]System Announcement AUTO

    Thanks brow
  2. saral

    Guide Update Granny (2.4 to 2.9 or 2.11)

    thanks my helped me a lot.
  3. saral

    Serverfiles 40k Serverfile +src salvation style

    Hi! Thank you so much, I'll test.
  4. saral

    Download [C++/Py/Sql] ItemShop + Wheel of destiny in game

    The game button does not appear in game to open the shop item
  5. saral

    Help with c ++ declaration

    Hi, I'm looking for a help, I'm implementing a new item shop that was posted here in the forum, but I'm having a little trouble compiling src game, giving me a declaration error ... CMD_GENERAL.cpp
  6. saral

    Serverfiles [TWIX Work] Serverfiles Metin2Nirvana v3.0 rev 1.50 2018

    Thank you for sharing these file servers with us
  7. saral

    Download [Official] unpacked Patch Christmas 2018

    Thank you so much bro! :) I will add in on my Server
  8. saral

    Video and audio recorder

    I leave a program that records video with audio of your game "program executable in in game" Pardon my English.:) Download: VirusTotal:
  9. saral

    Homepage Lotus2 HOMEPAGE [PREIMUM]

    Thank you very much for sharing here in the forum.
  10. saral

    Maps 3 new maps (moon, rain forest,volkano)

    New Very good work, thanks My Bro!
  11. saral

    item shop help

    Can someone help me in an error with this shop item that I am putting ..
  12. saral

    Others [C ++] SISTEMS KORI DEV

    nice release i hope it will work
  13. saral

    Homepage Homepage metin2 pro

    Thank you very much, the beautiful designer.
  14. saral


    Very good, I'll test to see if it works
  15. saral


    I'll go down to pick up the illumina base
  16. saral

    Serverfiles [Serverfiles]Metin2Global 2k17

    Faça o download para obter arquivos
  17. saral

    Mob & NPC Entached shaman boss

    Very good, I'm going to use them.
  18. saral

    Download Inventory Protect System

    Very good, I'm going to use them.
  19. saral

    Armours New SET.

    Very beautiful, this yours I use them
  20. saral

    Mob & NPC MOB HALLOWEN 2017

    very beautiful, congratulations