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Grizzly antivirus is a powerful tool against all types of computer viruses! Grizzly protects from Trojans, screen blockers, spyware and ads teasers, encryptors, and other more or less known types of viruses.

Program performance and reduction of PC load were primary aspects in the development of the Grizzly Pro antivirus. Thus, being oriented on the requirements of modern users, we have managed to develop a unique tool comprising high level of reliability and low PC load.

  • High performance, efficiency, simplicity and ease of use;
  • Professional technical support via convenient communication channel;
  • Sophisticated set-up of operational modes;
  • High level of protection from al known types of threads.

Protection from all types of viruses

Several million kinds of computer viruses with several subtypes are accounted for nowadays. They are distinguished by the type of damage to PC, spread methods, and healing methods. Grizzly protects from all types of viruses, including trojans, screen blockers, encryptors, spam-viruses, spyware etc..

File are well protected
This protection will block opening an infected file. When clicking on any file on PC, Grizzly antivirus instantly scans it for viruses. Thus, antivirus prevents spread of viruses and infection of computer. Grizzly blocks all infected files.

On-line protection
Downloading a file from a suspicious web site or automatic infection caused by a visit of a page is a common thing in modern world. Grizzly monitors each event in the browser in order to prevent downloads of infected files and block threads. All downloaded infected files will be instantly blocked.

High performance and low system load
Being developed on the basis of up-to-date high-performance core, Grizzly Pro has the highest scan rate. Due to this, the antivirus does not interfere with performance of other programs and provides high-speed system check and protection from viruses.

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