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Others [Official] Unpacked Metin2 v17.2/v17.3/v17.4/v17.5 Beta


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thank you so much for sharing this resource archive with us :)


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I'm here with the v17.2 and the v17.3 patches.

    • New gaya gui files + npcs
    • New fish event gui files
    • New changelook gui file
    • New party match gui files
    • New ranking gui files
    • Unpacked protos: DE, CZ and HU (XML + TXT)
    • Dumped root files + builtins <!> INFORMATIONS ONLY <!>

      [Hidden content]
    v17.4 Beta new packs (Include item_proto and mob_proto unpacked 03/09/2017)

    [Hidden content]

Changelog 17.5


Zodiac Temple
  • Level entry from 20 to 120
  • Dungeon for solo or to a group of up to 8 players
  • 30 floors and 5 more bonus floors: 10 minutes time limit for each floor. Bonus floors will only have 5 minutes limit
  • 12 new bosses which can spawn in the floors. These bosses can also appear together.
  • 5 different maps design
  • The different dungeons will open each day, except on Sunday, where ALL will be available
  • Players can enter by using Marbles of Life which will can be received ingame 3 times per day
  • If a player dies during the run, it will be transferred to the first map of the temple
  • If a party member dies, it will be kicked out of the group and sent out of the dungeon
  • If a group leader dies, another group member will be promoted to group leader
  • Resurrection Stone can be used to revive character inside dungeon
  • There is no difference between solo and party play
  • There is no limited entrance, you only need to have enough Marbles of Life to enter
Elemental Resistances
  • With new maps comes new bonuses: Elemental Resistances and Elemental Damage
  • Pendants: 3 new resistances and 6 new enchants
  • Pendants will have their own slot to be equipped and they can be upgraded until 200
  • Enchant and Reinforce items can be used in the pendants like a normal item
  • Depending on your Character level, you might upgrade the pendant or not to the next level
Character UI improvement
  • Button on the right of your Character window, will give you all the stats related to the bonus in your equipped items:
    • Damage/Defense
    • Elemental Bonus
    • Class Bonus
    • Weapon Bonus
    • Other bonus
    • Special Bonus
New epic weapons and armours
  • New weapons and armours for each class
  • New items can be upgraded via NPC
  • If upgrade fail, the item will not break and only materials will disappear
New Zodiac weapons and armours
  • New weapons and armours for each class
  • New dungeon w/ weapons, armors, mobs, sashes.
  • New Halloween minigame gui files, costumes, pet and mount with 2 textures.
New Set Armor

New Monster

New Sash Models

And much new stuff to see on the new packs v17.5 Beta

Download Link v17.5
[Hidden content]

Download Link item_proto_decrypted v17.5
[Hidden content]

Soon i will come with the new mob_proto v17.5


Thx To xP3NG3Rx
wosome bro